Foxconn Raises Wages Under Scrutiny Of Fair Labor Association

Posted Feb 17, 2012

The employees over at Foxconn Technology Group will start seeing their wages increase by 16-25% this month. This is the third rise in wages since 2010. Foxconn is best known for manufacturing Apple’s iPhones and iPads. Foxconn is currently being investigated by the Fair Labor Association.

Foxconn said that the pay of a junior level worker in Shenzhen had risen 1,800 yuan ($290) per month and it could be raised above 2,200 yuan if the worker passes a technical exam. The pay three years ago was 900 yuan per month.

“As a top manufacturing company in China, the basic salary of junior workers in all of Foxconn’s China factories is already far higher than the minimum wage set by all local governments,” said Foxconn in a statement. “We will provide more training opportunities and learning time, and will continuously enhance technology, efficiency and salary, so as to set a good example for the Chinese manufacturing industry.”

Apple has been criticized for the worker conditions at Foxconn after a string of suicides took place in the last couple of years. There was an explosion that killed three workers at an iPad manufacturing plant at Foxconn this past June as well.