Riot At Foxconn Plant Involving 2,000 Employees Triggered By Security Guard

Posted Sep 24, 2012

At the Taiyuan plant at Foxconn, a riot started that involved 2,000 people was triggered by security guards hitting a worker at around 10PM local time.  At the Taiyuan plant, there was controversy about front-line workers failing to receive a promised pay rise back in March which led to a strike.  This plant focuses on building magnesium alloy components for consumer electronics, LED lighting products, mobile phone products, and magnesium alloy automotive components according to Engadget.  The Taiyuan plan processes the back casing of the iPhone 5.  According to a report, the Taiyuan plant is known for their tough management and is known for “practically compulsory” over-time work.  Fortunately there were no deaths in the incident.  Check out the video below of the riot: