Frank Biondi and John Chapple Close To Joining Yahoo!’s Board

Posted Aug 13, 2008

Frank Biondi [Picture Credit: MWD]          John Chapple [Picture Credit: InfoTechLeaders]

As part of the agreement that Yahoo Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) made with Carl Icahn, two board members of his choice will be appointed to Yahoo!’s Board of Directors.  According to a source at Reuters, Viacom Inc.’s former CEO, Frank Biondi and Nextel Partners former CEO, John Chapple will be joining the Yahoo! board.

Appointing these board members are not 100% certain, but is pretty likely.  Yahoo! and Carl Icahn settled several days before the August 1st annual Yahoo! shareholder meeting. 

At one point, Yahoo! attempted to hire former AOL CEO Jonathan Miller.  But Time Warner stepped in and stopped Yahoo! from making an offer because of a non-compete pact.