Free TweetDeck With CD Purchase From Best Buy? HUZZAH! Wait Its Already Free.

Posted Dec 29, 2009

Apparently this offer is being circulated around in a Best Buy catalog. Interscope Records and Best Buy have partnered on a promotion where buying a copy will allow you to have a copy of TweetDeck for free. The funny part of the promotion is that TweetDeck is free anyway.

However this is no ordinary version of TweetDeck. The version that you get from buying a CD has a custom version that automatically follows 16 Interscope artists. Either way you can follow those artists yourself for free anyway. Interestingly Best Buy had a website up for the promotion which was but now it is offline. Was Best Buy embarrassed about the campaign? Very likely.

I was able to grab a screenshot of the website before it went offline. TweetDeck is highlighted in the screenshot because I used Google to search for “Best Buy” and “TweetDeck.”