French President Francois Hollande Threatens To Force Google News To Pay Up

Posted Oct 31, 2012

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt was in Paris this past Monday.  France President Francois Hollande threatened to put in legislation that would force Google pay publishers for indexing news stories on Google News unless an alternative agreement was put into place by the end of the year.

Google may cease the indexing of articles of French publications altogether, which would cause them to lose a lot of traffic.  Google does not believe that they should have to pay publishers to display the headlines and snippets of their content on Google News because they send a lot of traffic to their websites.  I agree with Google on this one.

However publishers believe they should receive a cut that Google earns from running ads alongside the excerpts of their content on Google News.

All 154 members of the National Association of Newspapers in Brazil (90% of the country’s newspaper circulation) has pulled their content from Google News.  And in Germany, legislators have created a draft law that would require Google and other aggregators to pay for indexing the content from publishers.