Fresh Sliced News Is A Newspaper-Styled Desktop RSS Reader, Powered By Adobe AIR

Posted Sep 22, 2009

One of the problems with most RSS readers is that everything looks very cluttered once you have many subscriptions going at once. This is a problem that Fresh Sliced News addresses with their new desktop reader, powered by Adobe AIR. Fresh Sliced News makes your RSS subscriptions more presentable using their software.

After downloading the software you can create different “sections” (tabs) such as Technology, Food, and Fashion. The idea is similar to AllTop, an “online magazine rack” started by Guy Kawasaki. However Fresh Sliced News limits you to 140 news websites and blogs. Fresh Sliced News uses PostRank technology to determine how to present your online newspaper. If you read more about food regularly, then Fresh Sliced News will show you more articles about food. If your mouse hovers above an article, then a pop up will appear with additional content connected to the article.

Fresh Sliced News started in San Francisco, CA in May 2009. The company was founded by Elon Danziger and Yelena Rubinshteyn. The company launched at the DemoPit of TechCrunch50.