Freshbooks Releases An iPhone App

Posted Sep 8, 2012

Freshbooks is one of the top cloud accounting companies tailored for small business owners.  The company has recently launched an iPhone app to help them track expenses anytime or anywhere.  Here is how it works:

When you take a photo of your receipt, you can attach it right to an expense for your records, and rebill expenses to your clients from within the app.

You can also run the timer to track how long you spend on Projects and generate an invoice based on the time and tasks.  This way you will not forget about another billable hour.

With the Freshbook apps, you can invoice from your client’s office, airport, your bed, etc.

To coincide with the release of its new iPhone app, FreshBooks recently launched a ?New 4 Ps of Mobile Business? campaign.

The 4 Ps of mobile business are:  Parachuting, Pedicure, Pancakes and Parking.  This was adapted from E. Jerome McCarthy?s original 4 Ps of Marketing: Price, Product, Promotion and Place principals. The new 4 P?s were created to help foot the bill for people that purchases any of the New 4 P’s when invoiced using Freshbooks’ mobile app.

Below is a message that the company sent to

In recognition of these new 4 P?s, FreshBooks is footing the bill for anyone who purchases any of the New 4 Ps when invoiced using the FreshBooks mobile app from September 1st to September 21st, 2012. The first 40 invoices for each New P (160 total) sent to FreshBooks via the mobile app will be paid by them for one of the following:

·         Parachuting ? Enjoy a thrilling skydiving session on FreshBooks. They?ll reimburse you up to $100 USD for your experience.

·         Pedicure ? Need an hour of bliss? FreshBooks will gladly send up to $40 USD for a pampering pedicure.

·         Pancakes ? Mmmm breakfast! FreshBooks will fork over up to $40 USD for enjoying a delicious pancake breakfast – so be sure to share the treat with friends.

·         Parking ? They?ll happily pay up to $40 USD to park anywhere you please so this time, choose the best spot on the street.


For compete rules and how to enter, visit

You can download the Freshbooks iPhone app from the App Store.  The company’s name on the App Store is 2ndSite Inc.