Friendster Re-Brands Themselves And May Sell Off By End Of The Month

Posted Dec 4, 2009

Friendster relaunched their service with several new features. The new motto of the site is “Connecting Smiles.” After watching the video below, it seems like that there is nothing new about the service. Friendster already has photos, games, and virtual goods. It seems like that the only thing they changed is themes. When I think of Friendster, I don’t think of “having a great time with some of your closest friends” as the video below suggests.

Regardless Friendster still has millions of users and is a top 200 website. This is why the company is attempting to sell themselves for “more than $100 million” according to Reuters. Friendster CEO Richard Kimber even mentioned that the company is currently negotiating with a shortlist of buyers.

Some of the early potential suitors that considered buying Friendster already since the company put themselves on sale this past summer include Tencent, Facebook, Oak Pacific, and Softbank. The company may even sell off as early as the end of the month.