Fruit Ninja Downloads In The “High Tens Of Thousands” On Windows Phone 7

Posted Feb 4, 2011

Halfbrick Studios, the company behind “Fruit Ninja” has hinted at the numbers that they are seeing in terms of downloads on the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and it’s not bad. Shainiel Deo, the CEO of Halfbrick said he cannot reveal the specifics, but he said that the downloads of their game on Windows Phone 7 is hitting numbers in the “high tens of thousands.”

Fruit Ninja is a game where fruit fly up on the screen and you can use your finger to cut the fruit. It is a simple and quick game just like Doodle Jump. Fruit Ninja sells for $3 on Windows Phone 7. It is in the top 2 applications on Windows Phone 7. It is not known how many customers have bought Windows Phone 7, but Microsoft did reveal that they shipped 2 million handsets to retailers.

“There are a number of varying devices but there is nowhere near the fragmentation issues that Android has,” said Deo. “I think Microsoft could be doing more to promote the phone and hopefully we?ll start seeing that soon.”