FTC Files A Lawsuit Against Dish Network Over “Do Not Call”

Posted Aug 25, 2012

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against Dish Network for making telemarketing calls to millions of people in the United States, who had previously requested the provider to stop calling them.  If the FTC proves that this is true, it would mean that the satellite company is guilty of breaking the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule.  The FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rules says that telemarketers are prohibited from making calls again if the consumer asks to be added to a do-no-call list.  FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said “It is particularly disappointing when a well-established, nationally known company ? which ought to know better ? appears to have flagrantly and illegally made millions of invasive calls to Americans who specifically told Dish Network to leave them alone.” [TheVerge]