FuA-Men (Fully Automated raMen) Restaurant In Nagoya, Japan Uses Two Assembly Line Robot Chefs [Video]

Posted Aug 7, 2009

The FuA-Men (Fully Automated raMen) restaurant in Nagoya, Japan is unique because two assembly line chef robots do all of the cooking. The assistant robots can make about 80 bowls of the perfect Ramen noodles per day. According to the restaurant owner Kenji Nagaya, “the accuracy of timing in boiling noodles, precise movements in adding toppings and consistency of the taste and temperature of the soup.” On top of owning the restaurant, Nagaya is a renown robot manufacturer. Nagaya is the president of the local robot manufacturing company Aisei. The FuA Men restaurant was opened less than one month ago and serves noodle bowls with a pork broth for about 660 Yen ($7).

The robots arms are pre-programmed to boil the noodles, pour soup into the bowls, and add some garnishes. Customers in the restaurant are able to watch busy robot arms move around to make their food. The process of making the food takes about one minute and 40 seconds per bowl. When the robots aren’t working, they are able to do some tricks to provide entertainment for customers such as spinning a dish on their hand while the other arm claps. The robot arms sometimes do a fake duel against each other. All of it can be seen in the video above.

[via Reuters/Gizmodo]