Fuhu Suing Toys “R” Us Over Tabeo Tablet

Posted Sep 26, 2012

Fuhu Inc. is suing Toys “R” Us.  Fuhu is known for creating the Nabi tablet and Toys “R” Us recently launched the Tabeo tablet (above).  Fuhu is accusing Toys “R” Us is stealing trade secrets for making the Tabeo tablet and is asking the company to remove it before the holiday season.

Allegedly Toys “R” Us agreed to become the exclusive seller of the Nabi tablet, but did “virtually no promotion” to sell the product.  Toys “R” Us only ordered a small number of Nabi tablets for the holiday season.  Fuhu believes that Toys “R” Us had never intended to sell the Nabi and used it to design the Tabeo tablet instead.

The lawsuit says:

?Toys R Us used Fuhu?s trade secrets and confidential information to start selling Tabeo, which systematically attempts to replicate the Nabi experience, far earlier than Toys R Us could have done otherwise, if at all.?

Fuhu wants Toys “R” Us to stop selling the Tabeo and they are asking for unspecified monetary damages.

[Chicago Tribune]