Fujifilm Announces FinePix HS20EXR and FinePix F550EXR

Posted Jan 9, 2011

Fujifilm has announced the Zoomy FinePix HS20EXR and FinePix F550EXR. These two cameras are coming in March and is powered with 16 megapixel backlit sensors. More details are below:

The F550EXR has a GPS built-in for geo-tagging photos, 16 megapixel backlit sensor, 15x wide angle lens (24-340mm equivalent), and a 3.0″ 460k LCD. The 550EXR can shoot in burst mode at up to 12fps and high speed video at 320fps at full resolution. This camera also has 1080p video, panorama shooting, tracking AF and face recognition. The F550EXR will be for sale in mid-March at a cost of $350.

The FinePix HS20 is a point-and-shoot that has a 16 megapixel backlit sensor, 30x manual optical zoom (24mm-720mm equivalent), and can switch between the 3.0″ LCD and electronic viewfinder using a heads up proximity sensor. The HS20 can take photos at 8fps at full resolution and 320fps video. It can also take panoramic photos with 1080p video. The HS20 has HDMI output and full manual mode. It has a new user interface that can recognize 27 different scenes. The HS20 is going for sale this March for $500.