Funny Or Die’s April Fools Joke: Kickstarter Funds A “Family Matters” “Darkwing Duck,” Dinosaurs” “Sliders” and “Wings” Film

Posted Apr 1, 2013

Funny Or Die, the comedy website founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, is the perfect platform to spread laughs on April Fools Day.  For this year’s April Fools Day, Funny or Die decided to parody crowdfunding website Kickstarter.  You may remember that last month, Kickstarter was used to successfully fund the Veronica Mars movie.  Funny Or Die has taken some of the most popular shows from the 1990’s put together fake Kickstarter profiles in order to ask for funding to promote a potential movie around that series.  Funny Or Die put together fake profiles for the shows: Family Matters, Darkwing Duck, Dinosaurs, Sliders, and Wings. Below are the vide clips of the fake Kickstarter profiles from Funny Or Die:

Darkwing Duck Movie clip starring voice actor Jim Cummings:

Darkwing Duck: The Movie Kickstarter Project from KickstartOrDie ?

Sliders The Movie clip starring Jerry O’Connell (known as Quinn Mallory in the show)

Sliders The Movie from KickstartOrDie ?

Dinosaurs The Movie clip starring Baby Sinclair

Baby Sinclair from the Dinosaurs One Man Show from KickstartOrDie ?

The Family Matter Movies starring Reginald VelJohnson (Carl Winslow)

The Family Matters Movie from KickstartOrDie ?

The Wings Movie clip starring Steve Weber, Amy Yasbeck, Rebecca Schull, and Tony Shalhoub

The Wings Serenity Movie Project from KickstartOrDie ?