Fusion-io Acquires ID7

Posted Mar 18, 2013

Fusion-io is a solid-state data center company that has acquired ID7.  ID7 is known for pioneering software defined storage (SDS).  ID7 is also known for being an open-source leader for shared storage systems and being key contributors of SCST, a Linux storage software subsystem that is utilized by many storage vendors.

“Software defined storage platforms are key to delivering peak performance and efficiency in today?s datacenters,” stated Fusion-io CEO and Chairman David Flynn.  “ID7 has provided valuable contributions to the industry, making us excited to welcome them to our ION Data Accelerator team as we continue to grow our business with the expertise of many of the world?s most innovative engineers.”

Based in the UK, ID7 started in 2006 and they specialize in the development of storage software solutions across all types of interfaces including Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and Infiniband.

ID7 already had an existing relationship with Fusion-io before the acquisition.  They worked with each other on the development of the ION Data Accelerator.

The ID7 team will join Fusion-io as part of the acquisition.  The team will continue collaborating with Fusion-io from their current locations in Europe and the United States.