Fusion-io Goes Public, Raising $233 Million

Posted Jun 9, 2011

Fusion-io is a memory module company that helps make data centers run more efficiently. Fusion-io went public on the New York Stock Exchange today. Interestingly, the NYSE actually depends on Fusion-io’s technology for their own data center energy needs. Fusion-io raised $233 million through their IPO.

Fusion-io plans on using the money to expand in other markets. Fusion-io shipped over 20 petabytes of enterprise-class memory to over 1,000 customers. Fusion-io made $125 million in the month ending March 31. This is up 5 times from $25 million a year ago. Fusion-io currently has about 430 employees.

Fusion-io was founded in 2006 by Flynn and Rick White. Steve Wozniak works as Fusion-io’s chief scientist. Fusion-io raised $115.5 million over the last three rounds of funding.