Gadget Blog War Heats Up; Taking On Engadget, CrunchGear, and Gizmodo

Posted Sep 24, 2008

Brian Alvey and Jason Calacanis both started Weblogs, Inc. together.  Alvey built a technology called Blogsmith that powers all of the blogs running on Weblogs Inc.  Blogsmith hosts sites like, Engadget, Autoblog, Joystiq, Cinematical, and Slashfood.  AOL bought Weblogs Inc. for about $25 million.  Since then Jason Calacanis started a new site called, a human search engine.  Alvey started a comic book publishing company called ComicMix and created a new web publishing platform called Crowd Fusion.  Out of Crowd Fusion, a site called Obsessable started.  

Obsessable is going to be a direct competitor of sites like Engadget, Gizmodo, and CrunchGear.  The platform has the ability to automatically create comparison charts when talking about a certain gadgets.  Obsessable has a long way to go before it can compete with the hits that those 3 gadget blogs receive, but I’m sure Obsessable will grow very fast.  Alvey banked from the Weblogs acquisition and Crowd Fusion itself is backed with $3 million to hire a range of writers. 

Some of the writers already employed by the site includes Randall Bennett, Evan Blass, Barb Dybwad, Martin Conaghan, Jeremy Goldstone, Stephen Schenck, Greg Elliott, James Murff, Keoni Chavez, Matthew Eddy, Lenny Brown, Matthew Bitner, Mike Sciannamea, Blake Dudash, and C.K. Sample III.  On top of all of these curators, Obsessable is still hiring.  Obsessable is already a well-oiled machine. 

The investors in Crowd Fusion includes Velocity Interactive Group, Greycroft Partners, and Marc Andreessen.  The war between the gadget blogs have just heated up even more.