Galvanize raises $18 million in funding

Posted Jun 19, 2014

Galvanize is a Denver-based startup hub that has raised $18 million in venture capital led by University Ventures Fund. Galvanize is an education company that teachers entrepreneurship and technology skills. Galvanize will be using the funding to expand its education programs in Denver and San Francisco. Galvanize is setting up a larger second location in the Platte River neighborhood of Denver.

Galvanize will build a broader school curriculum and education focus to teach thousands of students how to create software and startups. Galvanize is positioning itself as a for-profit school and part startup incubator. Galvanize opened gSchool classes in Denver to students in 2013 and offered six-month full-time courses in computer coding, user interface, and design.

Students will have to pay $20,000 or more in tuition at Galvanize, but the company funds a monthly payment plan that makes costs manageable for students. Students get a money-back guarantee that the education will quickly land them a job and get the chance to interact with startups Galvanize’s offices that are struggling to find employees with software skills.

[Source: BizJournals]