GameGround Raises $4.1 Million From Sequoia

Posted Jun 4, 2009

GameGround is a game expansion development company based in Israel.  Currently they do not have any published products and they are labeling themselves as being in alpha phase.  Despite the lack of a product to showcase, the company has raised $6.1 million already.  The latest round is $4.1 million from Sequoia.

GameGround was started in 2007 and was founded by Shaul Olmert, Guy Margolin, and Itzik Ben-Bassat.  The three of them have some sort previous history in game development.  Ben-Bassat used to work at Blizzard and Margolin worked at  Olmert is a former MTV VP in their Digital Products division.

The basic idea behind GameGround’s product is that will serve as a “special agent for Mac and PC that can work with existing games to expand their online functionality, even after they?re released,” according to TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid.