Garmin Announces D2 GPS Watch

Posted Oct 8, 2013

Garmin has announced a new $450 D2 GPS watch.  The D2 will be available this November and it has a built-in worldwide aviation database so that pilots can locate landmarks.  Pilots can also use the watch to plot courses and fly-over waypoints from the their GPS-determined location.

The D2 watch also has an accurate altimeter, barometer, and compass.  The D2 also features custom alarms so that a pilot will know if they went off course or descended too low.

The D2’s display is night vision-friendly with an orange backlight so that a pilot is not blinded during evening flights. It also has a scrolling map view for pilots who want to quickly look at their progress.  The D2 can connect to other Garmin hardware like navigation devices and action cameras.

[Source: Gizmodo]