Garmin Launches A GPS Device For Bicyclist Called Edge 500

Posted Sep 7, 2009

Garmin is usually best known for making GPS devices intended for motor vehicles, but the company has decided to make a useful tracking device for bicyclists now too. The Edge 500 is a GPS device that reports to bicyclists how long they have been riding, their average speed, their average heart rate, distance traveled, and power.

The device weighs 2 oz. and attaches to the handlebars of the bike. The GPS device also has a receiver that doesn’t require calibration. The Edge 500 is also ANT+ compatible with third party power meters. The climb and descent functions uses internal barometric altimeters and is compatible with Garmin’s line of wireless speed/cadence sensors. The battery life is about 18 hours and the device sells for about $249.99. To get the GPS device bundled with the heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor, the device costs $100 more.