Garmin’s VIRB Cameras Compete Head-On With GoPro

Posted Aug 20, 2013

Garmin has been traditionally considered as just a GPS manufacturer.  Now the company has designed action cameras called VIRB and VIRB Elite HD.

The VIRB is a full HD sports camera that can record up to 1080p.  In the settings, the recording can be set to 720p, 960p, tall hD, etc.  The VIRB can also grab 16-megapixel color images in burst mode or time-lapse triggering modes.  The 9-element lens can also capture video with an ultra wide field of view.  The body of the camera is IPX-7 waterproof.  To begin recording, simply point the camera in the right direction and push the record slider.  The VIRB has a 1.4-inch display that can be used for framing shots and previewing footage.  This display is easy to see in direct sunlight as well.

The VIRB Elite has everything the VIRB has and more.  The VIRB Elite has an internal high-sensitivity GPS, an accelerometer, altimeter and WiFi.  GPS data can be embedded and displayed within the recorded HD video when sharing the content.  The WiFi allows the Elite device to communicate with upcoming Garmin apps for Android and iPhone as well.  The accelerometer and altimeter works well for “Ski Mode” so that the camera will stop recording when you reach the bottom of a slope.

The VIRB and VIRB Elite has ANT+ connectivity to enable the camera to communicate with accessories like heart rate monitors, temperature sensors, and cadence sensors (cycling).  This feature can also connect to other ANT+ products in Garmin’s ecosystem of products.

The VIRB and VIRB Elite will be available starting next month.  The VIRB will cost $299.99 and the VIRB Elite will cost $399.99.

Should GoPro be worried? GoPro is already an established brand in the action camera market so it will be an up-hill battle for Garmin. Fortunately, the specs in the VIRB are competitive enough.

[Source: CNET]
[Image Credit: Garmin]