Gartner: Google Inc (GOOG) to hit 1 billion Android device shipments this year

Posted Jan 8, 2014

According to Gartner, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is expected to hit 1 billion in Android shipments this year. The 1.1 billion shipments would place Android well above all of their competition in the smartphones and tablets. Microsoft Windows is pegged at second place with 359 million shipments. Windows is followed by Apple’s iOS and Mac OS at 344 million forecasted shipments. Android is nearing 2 billion in total installed devices largely due to lower-cost devices.

“There is no doubt that there is a volume versus value equation, with Android users also purchasing lower-cost devices compared to Apple users,” stated Gartner analyst Annette Zimmerman. “Android holds the largest number of installed-base devices, with 1.9 billion in use in 2014, compared with 682 million iOS/Mac OS installed-base devices.”

As a whole, smartphones will hit around 1.9 billion shipments this year and tablet shipments will increase 263 million. However, desktop and notebook PCs are expected to continue dropping from around 300 million in 2013 to around 277 million this year. The total shipments of PCs, tablets, and ultramobile devices are expected to hit 2.5 billion in 2014, which is a 7.7% gain from 2013.

[Source: Gartner/CNET]