Gary McKinnon’s Mother Makes Plea To President Obama About Extradition

Posted Aug 3, 2009

Gary McKinnon is a hacker in the U.K. that was responsible for one of the biggest military hacks of all time.  He tried to break into NASA’s security data to find out if UFOs exist.  McKinnon claimed that he did not cause any damage to NASA’s systems as part of the hack, but the U.S. government claims he stole 950 passwords and deleted files responsible for replenishing supplies of an Atlantic fleet.

This event took place in 2001 and the estimated damage was about $700,000.  The U.S. government filed to have McKinnon extradited from the U.K. to face trial.  A British Court ruled that they would not stop the extradition last week.  But now McKinnon’s mother is attempting to make a plea with U.S. President Barack Obama to stop the litigation.

The U.K. court that said that they would not stop the extradition based their decision on the fact that they do not have enough evidence to reflect upon the seriousness of the charges being held against him by the U.S.

“After so many years, it would be refreshing to see Mr. McKinnon actually have his day in court,” stated Scott Christie, who served as a New Jersey assistant U.S. attorney and was one of the first prosecutors brought into the case. “But as I’ve come to learn, nothing is certain until he actually steps foot on U.S. soil, so I will withhold my feelings of relief.”

“Obama, please hear about us,” pleaded McKinnon’s mother Janis Sharp. “Stand by us and make this world a better place, a more compassionate place. Please hear us, Obama. I know you’d do the right thing.”

McKinnon’s attorney Edward Fitzgerald said that McKinnon has Asperger’s Syndrome, a neurological disorder that is related to autism.

Making the case more interesting, rock group Pink Floyd singer David Gilmour is apparently recording a song for an upcoming CD that is made to support McKinnon.