Gates Foundation Working With ABC News On Global Health Initiative

Posted Oct 10, 2010

The Gates Foundation and ABC News have entered a financial agreement to work on a yearlong project that relates to global health problems. The Gates Foundation supplied a grant of $1.5 million and ABC is providing $4.5 million of their own.

The $4.5 million ABC is providing will be used to travel the world for reporting various health crises and providing solutions. ABC News President David Westin said in an interview that they have worked with foundations in the past, but never accepted cash grants before.

ABC News committed to providing extensive coverage of world health issues on all of their programs. In December there will be an hourlong prime-time special and another hour in December for concluding the coverage.

ABC News is sponsored in different forms, but this was a slightly different way of doing a sponsorship. ABC will disclose every time funding from The Gates Foundation was used for a report on the air.