Launching New Software For Requirements Management

Posted Aug 24, 2009 is a start-up based in Los Angeles, California that designs software requirements management software for enterprises.  Some of the features included in their software is requirements management, requirements traceability, iteration planning, security and collaboration, report generation, and issue/bug tracking management.

This would be especially useful for software companies that rely on communicating with people overseas.  The new software is called GatherSpace 2.0.  Some of the new features in the 2.0 version is Agile capabilities, the addition of a case model visualization tool, and project duplication.  There are also import and export capabilities using CSV and XML files.

Some of GatherSpace’s clients include Adobe, Oaktree, Helio, and PurchasingPower.  ?GatherSpace has been instrumental in bridging the gap between our business analysts and software development teams,? stated Helio Development Manager Ryan Lee. ?As a result of using GatherSpace, we have streamlined our requirements gathering process, reduced costly rework, and accelerated delivery of the software that drives our business.?