GE and Jerusalem Venture Partners Invest In ThetaRay

Posted Aug 5, 2013

ThetaRay is an Israeli startup company that is working on preventing Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and Zero Day Attacks.  General Electric has joined Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) as an investor in ThetaRay.

ThetaRay was started by Tel Aviv University professor Amir Averbuch and Yale University professor Ronald Coifman.

“ThetaRay has developed a game-changing approach, which can drastically improve the way we detect and prevent the most destructive and complex cyber-attacks, including attacks previously unnoticed.” stated ThetaRay chief executive officer Mark Gazit.  “By utilizing a multi-domain, hyper-dimensional analysis of Big Data, ThetaRay allows decision-makers to quickly identify cyber anomalies and threats, helping them avert significant, often irreversible damage.”

ThetaRay’s operations have been tested by governmental and defense organizations along with major corporations.  ThetaRay’s technology has been able to quickly identify cyber-attacks while being able to decrease false alarms at the same time.

ThetaRay solutions have been successfully tested in major governmental and defense organizations as well as corporations. ThetaRay’s technology has demonstrated an ability to quickly identify cyber-attacks, while simultaneously decreasing false alarms.