Gene Munster: Apple Will Sell 80 Million Of The New iPhone

Posted Jul 17, 2012

Gene Munster has surveyed around 400 people about what their next device would be and put together some numbers when extrapolating the responses.  Munster said that Apple will sell around 80 million of the new iPhone.  He found that out of the people he polled, 65% said that they were going to buy an iPhone, 51% were planning on getting a smartphone and wanted the new iPhone, and 94.2% of iPhone users were planning on sticking with the brand.  Munster said ?we believe this suggests that as much as 50% of our estimated iPhone units for FY13 are in the bag (~170 million iPhone users x 94% re-buy x 51% iPhone 5 planned purchase).?  This results in a total of 80 million.