General Dynamics’ GD8000, Now The Most Rugged Laptop

Posted Mar 17, 2009

General Dynamics has put together one of the most rugged laptops.  It is one of the latest in General Dynamics’ GD-Itronix.  The GoBook XR-1 (GD8000) is now the most rugged laptop of all of them.  The laptop was built to military specifications.  The laptop can be dropped 3 feet and boot up 26 times.  The laptop must also be able to withstand being hit with 30 gallons of water blown at 40MPH for 4 hours.

The GD8000 has a 13.3″ screen and an Intel Core2Duo processor, DDR3 memory, and five hour battery.  The price of the laptop starts at about $3,800.  The GD8000 will be available starting Monday.

General Dynamics aren’t the only rugged laptops.  Lenovo has about eight Thinkpads that passed military tests.

[via CNET]