General Electric Company (GE) acquires Wurldtech

Posted May 9, 2014

General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) announced today that it has acquired cyber-security firm Wurldtech. Wurldtech protects large industrial sites like refineries and power plants from hackers. Wurldtech will continue to run as a wholly owned subsidiary. Wurldtech will create security solutions for GE products and will continue to support other customers.

According to TechCrunch, Wurldtech uses a two-pronged approach to security: First is testing to discover vulnerabilities in the system and certify websites that are secure. And then they provide specific security solutions around a system like a substation or a pump.

As General Electric started to explore operational technology security, they realized that industrial infrastructure systems were vulnerable to cyber attacks from multiple angles. For example, a wind turbine farm may be vulnerable at the turbine, the control systems, or on the grid distributing electricity. Wurldtech’s technology will be essential as the “Internet of Things” market expands.

GE did not disclose the acquisition price.