General Electric Company (GE) is acquiring API Healthcare

Posted Jan 21, 2014

General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) has announced that they have acquired API Healthcare, a healthcare workforce management software and analytics company. GE announced this past June that they would by spending $2 billion on their healthcare software division. The terms of this deal was undisclosed.

API Healthcare turned down an offer from Kronos, one of their largest competitors back in April 2011. Kronos and API Healthcare offers workforce management and patient tracking software to hospitals and smaller health clinics.

“Health care productivity is more important than ever for hospitals as more patients enter the system and operational costs continue to climb,” stated John Dineen, President & CEO of GE Healthcare. “In addition to clinical systems, hospitals need operational management systems to drive enterprise-wide efficiencies, reduce unnecessary costs and enable improved patient care. Over the next 5-7 years, we believe sales of these systems will accelerate towards double-digit growth and GE Healthcare will lead the way.”

API Healthcare offers staffing, scheduling, patient classification, human resources, talent management, payroll, analytics, and staffing agency services that are used at over 1,600 hospitals and staffing agencies in the U.S.