General Electric Invests $105 Million Into Pivotal

Posted Apr 25, 2013

General Electric has announced this week that they have invested $105 million into Pivotal, a platform-as-a-service. Pivotal is a company that has developed a next generation Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service that makes it possible for employees of the enterprise to rapidly create consumer-grade applications.

The investment is part of GEO’s interest in “Industrial Internet,” which is an initiative to push for the integration of sensors and software into physical machinery.  This past November, GE said that they are planning to invest $1 billion in the Industrial Internet initiative.  GE believes this initiative will lead to billions of dollars in savings.

?It?s no secret that the cloud and Big Data are driving dramatic business transformation enabling an Industrial Internet,? stated GE VP and Corporate Officer Bill Ruh. ?At the heart of it is that machines can be intelligent, connected, and that we can use software to analyze the information coming out of them. To support this next frontier requires an architectural shift in how our services are built and delivered.?

General Electric is buying a 10% stake in Pivotal.  The two companies will be working together on R&D.  Founded in December 2012, Pivotal is led by former VMware CEO Paul Maritz.  The company was a spin-off from VMware and EMC.