General Motors Asking 4,000 2013 Volt Owners To Bring In Vehicles

Posted Oct 23, 2012

This week General Motors said that they are upgrading the software on around 4,000 2013 plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt cars because of a glitch that could cause the electric motor to shut down.  General Motors said that this issue only affects Volt owners that use the delayed charging function that allows users to recharge vehicles at certain times.

A Chevy Volt owner on reported that he received a call from a GM advisor “that there has been a problem with some of the 2013 Volts mysteriously turning off the electric motor while driving. Apparently the steering and brakes will still work, but you have to safely coast to a stop, turn the car off and then power it up again 2-5 minutes later.”

General Motors confirmed that the comments were accurate and they sent letters by Federal Express to all 4,000 owners.

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