General Motors Bringing Facebook Status Updates To OnStar [RUMOR]

Posted Sep 8, 2010

General Motors is working on bringing new content services to OnStar according to a source with BusinessWeek. The new OnStar system will have a connection to Facebook that allows users to automatically convert speech into text. This way you can update your Facebook status while you are on-the-go using OnStar.

I believe that text-to-speech has a long way to go in terms of accuracy. As an active 1-800-GOOG-411 user, I really have to yell at the automated service for them to understand what exactly I’m looking for. If or when OnStar integrates this service, I would not be surprised if you have to really project your voice for the Facebook status to be accurate.

This appears to be GM’s response to Ford Sync, technology created through a partnership between Ford and Microsoft. The Facebook-OnStar integration is expected to launch later this month.