General Motors Company (GM) has sold 58,000 Volts so far

Posted May 5, 2014

The marketing manager of the General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) Chevrolet Volt Dora Norwicki was recently interviewed by CNET and was asked if the vehicle has been successful so far? Here is what Norwicki said:

?58,000 Volts sold to date. That means we?ve outsold the LEAF, the Prius Plug-in, the Toyota Rav 4 EV, the Ford C-MAX Energi, the Fusion Energi, the Focus EV, and the Telsa S. So, I guess in context, it is a lot. In the alternative-fuel space it?s at the top, and we have been there for some time,?

?Expectations need to be set. This is new technology and it?s going to take time for people to understand that this vehicle could be for them. Certainly, California has embraced it and we?re quite appreciative of that. And good word-of-mouth; the customer enthusiasm for this car is huge. And it?s been on top of the pile in all of the Consumer Reports owner satisfaction ratings,? added Norwicki. ?And we?re beginning to see consumers trading in their first Volts and getting a second one. And that?s how it starts.?

The Volt launched in December 2010 and is a plug-in hybrid that can go between 30 and 40 miles on battery. After that, the range-extender gas engine starts and adds another 300 to 350 miles.