General Motors Company (GM) is offering dealership incentives to speed up ignition recall repairs

Posted Jun 24, 2014

General Motors has recalled 2.6 million vehicles that need new ignition switches. This is causing a backlog at service bays, but GM is offering its dealership network incentives to speed things up.

Dealerships and parts managers who install 90% or more of the ignition-switch replacement kits by July 7th will receive a $250 credit for use at an unnamed online gift shop. This is part of GM?s Ignition Switch Recall Completion Initiative, which will offer $4,000 in credit to 50 qualifying dealerships chosen at random.

One dealership will receive $10,000. Both credit incentives will be split between service and parts managers. Around 199,457 vehicles have undergone the 70-minute surgery through June 16 and 400,000 kits have arrived at dealership service bays so far. General Motors holds that enough kits will be made to repair the majority of the affected vehicles by October.

Customers will also receive new keys that go with the new switches. The kits were made in Delphi’s plant in Mexico and can be applied to vehicles other than the ones they were meant to fix, but only if the affected customers aren not able to have their vehicle repaired in a reasonable time.

To make sure that customers do not miss out, GM will conduct an outreach program through e-mail in the next few weeks to those who have not begun the process of repairing their affected vehicles.

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[Source: Automotive News]