General Motors Considering Volt Battery Redesign

Posted Dec 1, 2011

Last month, wrote about how General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) was being investigated by the government after lithium ion batteries caught on fire in the Chevrolet Volt. GM offered loaner vehicles to Chevrolet Volt owners while the investigation took place. Now GM is saying that European deliveries of Open-branded Volts (Ampera) will be delayed pending the investigation.

In an interview with Reuters, GM CEO Dan Akerson also said that the Volt battery may have to be redesigned. “We want to assure the safety of our customers, of our buyers, and so we?re just going to take a time out, if you will, in terms of redesigning the battery possibly,” said Akerson. Unfortunately for the company, a buyback or recall may take place pending the investigation. The company is also likely to miss its 10,000 unit 2011 sales goal.