General Motors Replacing 120-Volt Charging Cords For Chevy Volt Plug-In Hybrids

Posted Mar 23, 2012

General Motors said on Thursday that they will be replacing 120-volt charging cords on most Chevy Volt 2011 and some 2012 plug-in hybrid car models. The number of affected cars are around 11,000 Volts sold so far. The Volt sells for under $40,000 before federal subsidies of $7,500.

GM spokesman Randal Fox said that the exchange for the Volt was not to address the overheating cords that are being talked about in the news right now. “It’s just an effort to offer a more consistent charging experience,” stated Fox. “It’s not a safety recall. It’s more of a customer-satisfaction program.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an investigation on November 25th to review the safety of the Volt’s battery pack after repeated tests uncovered fire risks. The fires happened after NHTSA crash tests purposely damaged the lithium ion batteries. The NHTSA closed their probe in January without finding any defects. Chevrolet Volt owners will be notified of an exchange in the next few weeks as they bring in their cars for battery enhancement.