GeoEye To Provide Imagery To Google From GeoEye-1 Satellite Launching September 4

Posted Aug 28, 2008

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) and GeoEye Inc. (NASDAQ:GEOY) have signed a partnership regarding satellite imagery. GeoEye is launching the $502 million high-res GeoEye-1 satellite on September 4. The Google logo is also painted on the Delta II rocket that will be launching the new satellite. Currently the GeoEye-1 has the highest resolution color imagery. Google did not pay to have the logo added to the rocket.

“Google is interested in collecting the highest quality satellite imagery available and as a symbol of this commitment has agreed to put the company logo on the first stage of our launch vehicle,” stated Mark Brender, a spokesman at GeoEye.

GeoEye’s satellite imagery will have images that are 0.41 meters in black/white resolution and 1.65 meters in color. GeoEye can only offer 0.5 meter images to the public under government regulations.

“The combination of GeoEye’s high-resolution, map-accurate satellite imagery from GeoEye-1 and Google’s search and display capabilities provides users with access to rich, interactive visual image maps of the Earth,” stated Google spokeswoman Kate Hurowitz.

Google currently uses images from another GeoEye satellite called IKONOS and from another company caled Digital Globe.

Financial details of this partnership was undisclosed.

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