George Leutz Beats Record By Playing Q*Bert For Almost 85 Hours

Posted Feb 20, 2013

George Leutz is a man in New York that decided to break a record for the longest amount of time that Q*Bert has been played.  He actually played the game for nearly 85 consecutive hours.  By playing the game for this long, he now has record score that has been in place for around 3 decades.  Leutz, 38, played the game exactly for 84 hours and 48 minutes.  He started playing Q*Bert on February 14th and did not stop until February 18th.  He hit a high score of 37,163,080 points in a single-quarter game.

Leutz beat Rob Gerhardt?s record Q*Bert score of 33,273,520 points, which he held for around 30 years.  Many Q*Bert gamers have been trying to beat the record for a while now.  The Guinness World Records allowed 5 minutes of rest for every hour of game-play so Leutz was able to take short naps throughout the four day stretch.

?It?s just one control, no buttons, so I can eat while I play. So at break time I didn?t have to spend anytime eating. Also it happens to be the game that I?m good at from when I was a kid,? said Leutz.  After he was done playing, he slept for 12 straight hours.

[Source: UPROXX]