Georgina Campbell Writes A Whole Book On The BlackBerry

Posted Nov 5, 2012

When Mark Zuckerberg wrote his key IPO filing document on a mobile device, it became apparent that people are starting to prefer their mobile devices as their primary word processor.  Georgina Campbell made a bet with her 14-year old daughter that she could write an entire book on the BlackBerry memopad application.

She followed through with the bet and completed that task.  Ms. Campbell, a mother of three in South London, even landed herself a publishing deal after writing the entire book on a BlackBerry smartphone.  The book is titled “The Kickdown Girls.”  The original draft is about 200 pages and took 4 months to write.

The book is 55,600 words.  She made a bet with her daughter after watching a 2011 British movie called Attack The Block last year.  The film is about a street gang in South London fighting an alien invasion.

“Lorra [her daughter] and I were watching this movie Attack The Block and she thought it was brilliant,” stated Ms. Campbell.  “I thought it was rubbish and said that I thought I could write a better script, so we challenged each other to write something.”

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