Google Mail Users In Germany Can Now Have A E-Mail Address

Posted Jun 20, 2012

Google Mail users in Germany can now have a e-mail address. It took almost seven years for this to happen. Google Mail users in Germany will be able to migrate their accounts across while still being able to receive e-mails sent to their address. All new accounts will be able to use addresses, but the older accounts need to be switched over. The reason why users in Germany could not have a address before is because of a dispute with Daniel Giersch, who operates a company called G-Mail. In January 2007, Giersch won a fight in the EU’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, barring the use of the Gmail name in Germany. Google won the rights to and the Gmail trademarks in April 13, 2012, which immediately allowed them to control the mark in Germany. The same thing happened to Google for U.K. accounts in 2005, but the trademark issue was settled in September 2009 and accounts were migrated over to A banner link will be added to the top of the accounts for German Gmail users.