Gett accuses Uber of shady competitive tactics

Posted Jan 24, 2014

Gett is a company that competes with Uber. The two companies allow users to summon a driver through a smartphone app. Now Gett claims that Uber employees in New York ordered and canceled over one hundred cars on their app over the course of three days last week. The Uber employees reportedly received the Gett driver cellphone numbers through the order. An Uber employee texted the drivers in order to recruit them. Supposedly Uber offered Gett drivers money to work for them instead of Gett. Uber acknowledged that their competitive tactics went overboard.

“Our local teams can be pretty determined when spreading the word about Uber and how our platform opens up new economic opportunities for drivers,” said Uber said in a statement. “In this instance, the New York City team was a bit too ambitious and we’ll make sure they tone down their sales tactics.”

Gett CEO Jing Herman compared this tactic to a denial of service attack. They said that the cancellations disrupted their business.

“During a very short period of time when we had a hundred cancellations that took up a hundred drivers, those hundred drivers could have served a hundred of our legitimate customers who weren’t able to get a car or had to wait much longer to get a car,” stated Herman in an interview with CNN. Herman added that many Gett employees are blocked from using Uber.

It is unknown whether Gett will take legal action against Uber. Uber paid the cancellation fees for the rides that their employees ordered on Gett. Gett said that many of those charges are still pending. Gett is known as GetTaxi in several countries.

[Source: CNN]