Gigwalk Raises $6 Million, Partners With Microsoft Bing

Posted Oct 22, 2012

Gigwalk is a mobile application company where users can post “gigs” or jobs from companies based on their location.  Gigwalk has raised a $6 million Series A round of funding from August Capital along with existing investors Greylock, Harrison Metal, SoftTech VC, Founder Collective, and AdMob founder Omar Hamoui.

Here is how it works:

1.) Download the Gigwalk app
2.) Enter your PayPal information
3.) Look into entry-level gigs or jobs that take only a few minutes of time at a particular location.
4.) The Gigwalk app has helped individuals earn up to $14,000 since 2011.

Gigwalk helped set up over 190,000 jobs for companies like eBay, Chegg, BMW, TomTom and Microsoft.  For example, TomTom had Gigwalk users take pictures of certain navigation points like one-way streets.  The workers take a picture and then e-mail them in — after that, they receive a little bit of money.  Gigwalk has workers in all 50 states.

Gigwalk has announced a partnership with Microsoft Bing as well. will place over 100,000 photo-capture jobs in 3,500 cities across the country.  Last year thousands of people did jobs for Microsoft Bing.  Bing will be adding gigs to Gigwalk for Alaska and Hawaii soon too.