Gigya: $11 Million Series C For Widget Tracking!

Posted Oct 1, 2008

Gigya is a widget tracking service company.  Gigya also provides widget distribution and monetization services.  As of last month, Gigya’s clients reached 150 million unique widget users worldwide.  Gigya has just announced that they have raised $11 million in Series C funding, led by DAG Ventures.  This is a preemptive round of funding as the terms may be subject to change.  Gigya raised it’s Series B round of funding about 7 months ago.

CNET made a great point about how Gigya may see some tough times ahead with the new Facebook redesign.  A majority of the applications got kicked to the curb when Facebook put all of them in a tab called Boxes.  With Facebook’s old design, the widgets had prominent online real estate space: the Facebook profile.

Some of Gigya’s top clients include Oh!, CNET, Eyeblaster, Sprint, Levi’s, Meebo, RockYou!, DoubleClick, MTV, FOX, Toyota, Sony, JibJab, Crackle, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Glogster, TinyPic, Disney, Gydget, Walmart, Sprout, and NewsGator.  Last year Gigya announced that they have released a new feature called Socialize.  Socialize allows publishers to add social graphs and features into websites.