Gigya Is Now Hitting 1.5 Billion Users Per Month

Posted Feb 1, 2013

Gigya is a “social infrastructure” company that is now hitting 1.5 billion unique users through their tools per month. This is up from 1 billion one year ago. Some of Gigya’s largest customers include Wal-Mart, Redbox, Beats Electronics, Jelly Belly, Adidas, Bad Boy Marketing Group, etc.

Gigya has around 650 clients total including 50% of comScore’s top 100 U.S. web properties. ┬áThe company is hitting “tens of millions” in annual sales and their sales has tripled from 2011. The company’s Q4 was their biggest quarter ever.

?Our growth has been so phenomenal that we truly feel we can control the entire social-consumer technology market in the next three years,? stated Gigya CEO Patrick Salyer in an interview with TechCrunch.

Gigya raised $15.3 million in funding last year and they have over 150 employees. The company’s products include user management, social plugins, and ramification.