Giles & Posner Create Hot Stone Grill

Posted Apr 9, 2009

Back in the days before electricity and propane tanks, humans were not able to fire up a barbecue grill and cook the meat of their choice. They had to rub sticks together to create fire and then warm up stones for the meat to be cooked. That was the more manlier way to cook meat. This is why when I go to a Mongolian BBQ, my testosterone increases.

Giles & Posner wanted to make it convenient for people to have access to hot stone grills in their own kitchens. Well they’ve done it. A mini Hot Stone Grill is selling on their website for £29.95 (about $44). Unfortunately, Giles & Posner only ships to certain countries in Europe. If you want to get it to your house in the U.S., finding a way might be slightly challenging.

[via BBG]