Girl Gets Suspended For Requesting Bomb Threat On Twitter

Posted Apr 11, 2010

San Jacinto College student Ashley Marzullo made an off-the-cuff remark on Twitter related to bombs. She said that she hoped for someone to call in a bomb threat to the school. Marzullo had only 7 followers.

Marzullo was not serious about the threat, she was only stressed out and wished for more time to study. However Marzullo received a letter from the Dean of Student Development Joanna Zimmerman. Zimmerman was told she would be suspended until the matter was taken care of.

During a one-on-one meeting between Marzullo and Zimmerman, a print out of the tweet was shown. “She asked me first if I knew what I had done, and I had no clue. She asked me if I was at all serious about the bomb threat. Of course, I had no intention of doing anything like that,” stated Marzullo. Zimmerman mentioned “We monitor all Twitter and Facebook accounts of our students” according to Marzullo. [Houston Press]

There have been all sorts of school shootings lately so I can imagine why any school would want to take precaution. Let this be a lesson to all college students. Don’t joke about school and bombings on Facebook or Twitter. Its just a bad idea.