GitHub co-founder Tom Preston Werner steps down due to harassment probe

Posted Apr 21, 2014

Tom Preston-Werner, the co-founder of GitHub, has stepped down from the company following a widely publicized sexual harassment investigation. GitHub’s coding software is used by millions of developers across the world. Julie Ann Horvath, one of the developers at the company, quit and claimed that GitHub had an oversized tolerance for inappropriate behavior.

In a TechCrunch article, Horvath said that she was bullied after rejecting an advance from a GitHub employee. She was also allegedly harassed by the wife of a company founder believed to be Preston-Werner?s wife Theresa.

?The investigation found no evidence to support the claims against Tom and his wife of sexual or gender-based harassment or retaliation, or of a sexist or hostile work environment,? said GitHub in a blog post. ?However, while there may have been no legal wrongdoing, the investigator did find evidence of mistakes and errors of judgment.?

Preston-Werner resigned and the company accepted.