Glam Media renames itself to Mode Media

Posted Apr 29, 2014

Glam Media is digital lifestyle publisher that used to just target women for content it publishes. Now Glam Media will target men and women both with the brand name Mode Media. Mode Media will also ramp up male-centric media like gadgets and cars.

The Glam Media brand will continue to exist under the umbrella for women’s fashion and beauty. Mode’s audience hits around 250 million monthly unique visitors, which makes it the 7th largest media property in the U.S.

Glam Media’s websites are built off of Ning. Glam acquired Ning for $150 million in 2011. The platform gives content creators a place to share their work and get it discovered by readers. They are paid for the traffic that the content receives. Glam has paid out $200 million to content makers over the last 5 years.